DSWD Tara, Basa Program: Let’s Read Tutoring Program

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has launched an esteemed initiative, the Tara, Basa Program, aimed at promoting early literacy and improving the reading skills of Filipino children. The program’s objective is to help elementary learners who are struggling with reading due to various socio-economic factors. It also helps Filipino college tutors and parents earn extra income through cash-for-work opportunities.

Through the Tara, Basa Program, the DSWD has collaborated with the Department of Education (DepEd) and various local government units to provide focused reading support for grade 1 students. This is done through engaging activities, instructional strategies, and educational resources that make learning fun and effective.

This DSWD project is expected to alleviate illiteracy rates among Filipino children, providing them with a strong foundation for future academic achievement. Through this program, the DSWD aims to foster a love for reading and empower children towards a brighter future. It also serves as a temporary income source for college students, helping them with their educational expenses.

dswd tara basa tutoring program

What is the Tara, Basa Program?

Tara, Basa Program is a tutoring initiative that brings together college students, elementary learners, and their parents or guardians in an innovative program designed to address illiteracy and improve reading abilities among Filipino children. This is a reformatted version of the existing educational assistance program.

According to the Department of Education, about 27% of elementary learners in the Philippines are struggling with reading. Factors such as poverty, lack of resources, and learning difficulties contribute to this alarming statistic. The Tara, Basa Program aims to address these issues by providing support and resources to both students and their families.


The Tara, Basa Program provides various benefits for all parties involved. Here are some of them:

  • Elementary learners get access to high-quality education, which is essential in developing their future.
  • PHP 235 per day for 20 days – Parents and guardians receive cash-for-work as compensation for attending the “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions.
  • PHP 500 per day for 20 days – College students who serve as tutors earn a fixed amount per session.


To be a part of the Tara, Basa Program, elementary learners need to have been assessed as struggling or non-readers. Parents and guardians of the learners are also required to participate in “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions and assist their children in preparing for learning and reading as well as in after-reading assignments.

To become involved in the Tara, Basa Program, the following requirements must be met:

  • The elementary learner must be evaluated and identified as a struggling reader or non-reader.
  • Parents or guardians must actively participate in the “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions.
  • Parents or guardians are required to assist their children in preparing for their reading and learning sessions.
  • Parents or guardians should also help their children with after-reading assignments.


Qualifications for Tara, Basa Program tutors are as follows:

  • Must be a college student
  • Have completed training to become a Youth Development Worker (YDW)
  • Can conduct “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions

How to Participate

To become involved in the Tara, Basa Program, here are the steps to follow:

Elementary Students

  1. Get evaluated and identified as a struggling reader or non-reader.
  2. Participate in the “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions conducted by college students.
  3. Prepare for learning and reading with the assistance of parents or guardians.
  4. Complete after-reading assignments with the help of parents or guardians.


  1. Assist their children in preparing for learning and reading.
  2. Attend the “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions together with their children.
  3. Help their children complete after-reading assignments.

College Student Tutors

  1. Be a college student currently enrolled in any recognized university or college in the Philippines.
  2. Complete training to be a Youth Development Worker (YDW).
  3. Conduct “Nanay-Tatay” learning sessions for struggling readers or non-readers.

By actively participating in the Tara, Basa Program, we can all make a positive impact on the lives of struggling Filipino children and help them develop essential reading skills for a brighter future. Let us join hands and give our support to this noble cause.

Video: Tara Basa Tutoring Program

Check out this video as shared by the Social Technology Bureau channel on YouTube featuring the Tara, Basa Program and how it impacts the lives of elementary learners, parents, and college students. The video showcases the program’s goals, success stories, and testimonials from participants.



Check out this infographic as shared by DSWD about the things to know about this tutoring program:


The DSWD Tara, Basa Program is a commendable effort towards promoting early literacy and improving reading skills among Filipino children. By providing access to high-quality education through

If you know of any struggling elementary learners or would like to get involved in the program, please visit your local DSWD office for more information. Let us all work together to promote early literacy and improve the reading skills of Filipino children through the Tara, Basa Program.