Download NCSC Data Form PDF for Senior Citizens

The recently created National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) is developing a comprehensive database of senior citizens residing in the Philippines. Take the time to register for the NCSC and support the government’s efforts to protect Filipino senior citizen’s rights. There are two ways to register: either fill out a form and send it to the closest Local Government Unit (LGU) office, or complete a form and submit it online at the official NCSC website.

The NCSC created the NCSC Data Form as a tool for the government to identify senior citizens and provide them with essential services. This form is an online registration form for senior citizens, and once filled out, the details will be stored in a database that government organizations can use to keep their records up to date.

download ncsc senior citizen data application form


Senior citizens can access a range of benefits, services, and programs created especially for them by registering with the NCSC. These include social security, health care, financial and educational assistance, as well as discounts on necessities like utilities and food. Additionally, registration contributes to the collection of precise information that will assist the government in formulating policies that address the requirements of the senior population.

How to Download NCSC Data Form PDF File

The NCSC’s official website provides a PDF version of the NCSC Data Form for download. Once the form is filled out, you have three options for submitting it: online, by email, or by your local government unit (LGU). To download the NCSC data form, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click and download the PDF File here –

Step 2: Download the NCSC data form.

Step 3: Fill out the NCSC data form. The data form has six (6) sections: Identifying Information, Family Composition, Dependency Profile, Education/HR Profile, Economic Profile, and Health Profile.

You could also visit the local LGU office and request for an NCSC data form there. To guarantee that you receive the right assistance and services from the government, it is important to note that all information submitted in the NCSC Data Form must be accurate and up-to-date. So, before submitting the form, double-check all of your information.


  • For general concern:
  • For SC Data Form concern:

Phone Number – (063)(02) 82498310 / Local 8482

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In case you want to get an idea of a copy sample of this data form, please see the image below. Please be advised that this application form is not for sale and if you do find it online or through agencies, it should be reported to proper authorities. This NCSC data form is FREE.

ncsc data form senior citizens pdf
ncsc form senior citizens pdf


Watch the video below on how to download the NCSC data form for Senior Citizens in the Philippines. The Youtuber Nest & Jess details the other steps on how to download the data form and register online.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding the “How to Download NCSC Data Form” see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. What is the National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC)?

The NCSC is a government organization that reports to the President’s Office and has a commitment to promoting and defending the rights of senior citizens in the Philippines.

2. Who are eligible for NCSC programs and services?

Every senior citizen registered in the Philippines is eligible for NCSC programs and services.

3. What are some of the benefits that NCSC provides?

The NCSC provides senior citizens with several benefits, including reductions in prescription drugs and medical supplies, hospitalization, laboratory testing, dental care, and other necessities like food and clothing. Senior citizens are also eligible for additional benefits, including a 20% discount on public transportation fare, access to special lanes in government buildings, priority hospital admission, an additional exemption from taxes, and priority enrollment in government programs for housing, employment, livelihood, and education.

4. What is the purpose of the NCSC data form?

The NCSC Data Form is used to gather personal information from senior citizens. This makes it easier for these individuals to register quickly and have access to both public and private sector services and resources. In addition to monitoring changes in senior citizens’ health, welfare, and interests, the information gathered will be used to develop programs specifically for them.

5. What happens once I submit my NCSC Data Form?

The National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) will check your filled-out NCSC Data Form when you submit it, and your Local Government Unit (LGU) will verify its accuracy. It will be added to the database once it has been verified so that government organizations can quickly access it and offer you any essential services you might need. The processing of your form may take a few weeks, so it is important to keep checking back to see if there have been any updates.

6. Can relatives or representatives download and apply the NCSC data form?

Yes. If they have the required information and documents, family members or other representatives can download and apply the NCSC data form.

7. Is it required for senior citizen to submit NCSC data form?

Although submitting the NCSC Data Form is optional, doing so is advised as it allows the government to cater to the requirements of seniors more precisely. Seniors can easily update their information whenever necessary because the online form submission procedure is accessible 24/7.

8. What is the duration of my senior citizen status?

As long as you meet the legal requirements (60 years of age or older) and don’t get any income that disqualifies you from following Republic Act 9994 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010), you remain eligible to be regarded as a senior citizen. Additionally, it suggests that if your income rises above the limit required for eligibility, your status will no longer remain valid until it does so once more by the law.


The National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) actively promotes the rights, benefits, and welfare of senior citizens in the Philippines. It aims to give people more control over their lives by educating them through programs and campaigns that uphold their rights and advance their well-being.

The commission wants to make sure that nobody is left out of getting essential assistance or benefits, thus it is building a comprehensive database of all senior citizens residing in the Philippines. Seniors can improve their quality of life and live out their golden years with dignity and grace by registering on this form.